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Health Conditions & Communities

LIFELONG  serving your health since 1994 in 10 clinics around the world to make a difference

Lifelong skin care

Let your beauty shines with lifelong skin care products all natural.


A complete program that helps burn fat and get rid of it

Diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus, is a condition that makes it hard for the body to control
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Jujuba (120caps)

Jujube: Helps you to lose weight and get rid of abdominal fat, waist, thighs, hips, buttocks and bad unhealthy inside fat.

Jujuba 40 (60 caps)

Helps stimulate glands functions and metabolism organs that aids in slimming specially over 40 years old.

Jujuba big mami tea (24bags)

Slim during breast feeding: Jujuba tea maintains weight during breast feeding.

Jujuba caviar light skin (50g)

Skin Whitener: Cream helps to moisturize, nourish and whiten dark skin color, naturally.

Jujuba cloves pwd (20g)

Helps to cut the appetite and allows the body to burn excess fat stored inside for rapid weight loss.

Jujuba extra (60caps)

For those who did not slim yet: Stimulates the digestive system and helps get rid of accumulated fat.

Jujuba ginseng & caviar (60caps)

Sexual tonic for women and men: Nourishes and strengthens the sexual desire and ability in men and women. Has the ability to rejuvenate people according to its components rich in protein, calcium and vitamins useful and powerful for the body's energy.

Jujuba kelp caviar (80g)

Cream For Cellulite.

Jujuba kids and young (200g)

Grow up without getting extra weight: Dark chocolate powder drink mix burns calories and strengthens the memory. For kids and adults.

Jujuba mamito tea (24bags)

Slim during pregnancy: Jujuba tea maintains weight during pregnancy.

Jujuba morning (2oz)

Dont let your weight be a problem in your life. Jujuba morning helps cut the appetite and burn calories that result from food & body stubborn fat. Helps slim down and lose extra weight.

Jujuba oregano pwd (325g)

Oregano powder to be mixed with yogurt and soup and it is considered as healthy dinner without getting extra weight.



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LIFELONG  serving your health since 1994 in 10 clinics around the world to make a difference

17 years of intensive work in herbal medicine,
we have learned what works and what does not work
we have learned how you may benefit from alternative medicine
we have learned how you may benefit from food diets